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What Exactly is Search Engine Optimization or SEO and Do I Really Need IT

What Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is basically improving your website so that it ranks higher on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Rank means where it appears in the search result, lets say a company sells baby oil and some random person wants to buy baby oil when they search it in Google there will be thousands of results for the term baby oil, but with search engine optimization the company can get their website to be one of the first results for that specific term or product.

SEO is a lot more complicated then just keywords and backlinks as some people might let you believe and it is a never ending process as today you might first on a search result but because your competition is also optimizing their websites tomorrow you might not even appear on the first page of the search result. Also don’t let your SEO expert fool you by telling you to search your company name and it being the first result on the search engine, search your products and services and see where you appear on the search results. A prospect client is not going to know what your company name is he is going to look for a product or service and with supplier and services providers that way.

When I do search engine optimization I still do keywords research and link building but I add, change and even remove content on your site I do research on similar sites as yours and make sure your site is completely unique and that your content is relevant to your products and services. Search Engines rank unique content much higher than sites with duplicate content, there are also many other aspects that could affect your ranking and I do a proper analysis of your entire website from structure to content and make sure your site complies with all the search engines standards and requirements to make sure you get the best ranking on all major search engines.

What are keywords

Keywords are words and strings of words that people search on search engines, so lets say some is looking for my services and specifically web design they could possibly search for my services in any of the following ways:

  • Web Design
  • Web Designer
  • Website Design
  • Website Designer

There are many other strings and terms that could search for but in any of the above searches my keywords would be the following:

  • Web
  • Website
  • Design
  • Designer

Now if these keywords only appeared in my website a few times or not at all do you think Google would think my website is relevant to this search at all? No it would not search engine so results based on the relevance your website has to the keywords that the user searched therefore the more times your keywords appear in your content the more relevant your website becomes to search results relating you’re your services and products.

Please note if your competition ranks high you cant just go and copy their content or even just rewrite it and think you will rank the same as they do, search engines look for similarities in content and if they suspect that your content was copied they will penalize you for it and your website will not rank well.

Why you need SEO

Well if you have a website and you have read the above section you should already understand why SEO is so important but if you are still unsure it basically comes down to the fact that if you want people to find your website you need SEO, now some people tell me that they get a lot of traffic through their website and even get a lot of leads through their website that’s great but do you get traffic everyday and do you turn all of your traffic into leads probably not but if your site is well optimized your traffic will be more specific to your products and services, in other words you will get less traffic that just accidently wander on to your site and more people who is actually searching for what you are offering.

Anyone who has a website needs SEO unless you have a marketing budget of thousands to spend on paid search engine results.

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