Business Website Solutions

Business Website Design and Development

I can provide unique solutions for any companies website from home businesses to large organizations, I have the solution for your business. For real estate companies and automotive sales companies I can develop a system for adding and managing your listings yourself with minimal effort and hassle free.

Below are only a few examples of custom website systems I can develop for businesses.

Real Estate Listing System

I can design, develop and build a custom solution for your website where you and your staff can ad and remove listings yourself without any effort, listings on your website can have photos and any information you require with any specific listing no matter if it is property that for sale or a rental your real estate website will be able to feature them all.

Accommodation Booking System

I can develop a custom bookings website for any type of accommodation company whether you own a lodge, hotel, vacation house or caravan park I can develop the perfect solution for you to manage bookings and much more directly from your website with a easy to use admin interface to make taking and managing online bookings a breeze.

Automotive Listings Website

Like mention above with the real estate listings system I can build a custom solution for car sales companies to manage their listings of vehicles for sales on their website easily, through a admin area on their website where they can ad, remove and edit listing hassle free.

Restaurant Website

I can develop a website system for any Restaurant that have features like a online menu that the restaurant owners can easily update themselves and a website like this can even have it’s own online table reservation system and/or online ordering system that will be easily manageable through a user friendly admin area on the backend of their website.

Other Business Website

No matter what your business website needs are I will be able to help your with any custom solution that your company requires their website to be able to do, whether you want to be able to receive payments, do rentals, take bookings, sell something or whatever your requirements might be we can build a custom and unique solution for your every need.

our latest projects

Express Telecoms
Express Telecoms E-commerce Website

Express Telecoms is a ecommerce website customized for MTN cell phone contract applications on checkout.

Louries PC's
louries PC's Responsive Website

Louries PC’s is a responsive HTML 5 website, for a small computer service company. We made use of CSS3 and JavaScript as well.

Steel Art Studio
Steel Art Studio HTML 5 & CSS3 Website

Steel Art Studio is a website done in HTML 5 and CCS 3, Steel Art Studio is a steel work company in the eastern side of Johannesburg.