E-commerce Websites

What is a ecommerce website?

Ecommerce websites also known as online stores, shopping carts and catalog websites, are basically a website that enables you to showcase all your products while at the same time giving your visitors the option to buy and pay for a product directly on your website.

A ecommerce website can also be use as a stand alone catalog to showcase your products without enabling users to pay a product instead just showing them what you have to offer, the online stores can be customized in many different ways to suit your businesses needs.

Who uses ecommerce websites?

Any person or any business that has a product or multiple products on offer can have a ecommerce website, weather you are selling home made biscuits or car parts, t-shirts or electronics any product can be sold on a ecommerce website even files that can only be downloaded can be sold in your online store.

How can I accept payments on my Ecommerce website?

There are many payment gateways available that support anything from credit card payment, PayPal, instant EFT and even rewards like ebucks and many more.

How do I manage my ecommerce website?

The ecommerce solution that I offer has a very user friendly administration interface that easily allows you to add, edit and update products, it even has a bulk upload feature that makes it easy to update and add multiple products at the same time.

My online store solution on offer to you has many different prebuilt features and can be completely customized to your specific needs, you can add as many products as you want to products can have many different options for different sizes, colors and designs.

My ecommerce website solution can be incorporated with many different payment gateways, I can design it to so that you store has its own unique look and it can even be responsive to enable it to be viewable on all mobile devices. It is a fully customizable solution to suit any businesses needs.

Should you have any question or need any advise on ecommerce websites then please feel free to contact me with any questions.

our latest projects

Express Telecoms
Express Telecoms E-commerce Website

Express Telecoms is a ecommerce website customized for MTN cell phone contract applications on checkout.

Louries PC's
louries PC's Responsive Website

Louries PC’s is a responsive HTML 5 website, for a small computer service company. We made use of CSS3 and JavaScript as well.

Steel Art Studio
Steel Art Studio HTML 5 & CSS3 Website

Steel Art Studio is a website done in HTML 5 and CCS 3, Steel Art Studio is a steel work company in the eastern side of Johannesburg.