Responsive Websites

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a website that is adaptable to the size of the screen of the device the website is being viewed on, in the past companies and people designed a second website called a mobi site to enable users on cellphone to browse their websites on their mobile phones.

Not only did mobi sites ad a extra expense it was also limited to the type of device it can be viewed on and designers weren’t very flexible with design so most mobi sites did not look very attractive, with the ever growing demand for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices designers and developers where forced to find a new way to make their websites adapt to still be easily browse able on all these different types of devices.

This is where responsive web design came in to place, responsive websites have the ability to adjust to the screen size of the device it is being view on while still keeping to the basic look and feel of the original design, this make it possible for any internet user on any device to browse through your website hassle free and still have all the functionality your website would have on a computer.

Why do you need a responsive Website?

More and more people are moving into the tablet and smartphone world and use these devices for their emails, Facebook, twitter, online banking and all there online applications many people have stopped using there laptops and computer when they are out of the office as they can do everything on their tablets and smart phones.

A website that is not responsive may display correctly on tablets with larger screens but will be difficult to navigate through on devices with smaller screen sizes and might cause potential customers to go to a more user friendly website for their device and cause your business to loose potential business.

A responsive website is really the smarter way to go and is much more cost effective than building a separate mobi site and redirecting users with mobile devices to the mobi site.

To view an example of a responsive website you can view this website various different devices and see the effect of a responsive website on the various devices you can get your hands on.

If you have any questions about responsive websites or any of the other services I have to offer please feel free to contact me for more information.

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Louries PC’s is a responsive HTML 5 website, for a small computer service company. We made use of CSS3 and JavaScript as well.

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Steel Art Studio is a website done in HTML 5 and CCS 3, Steel Art Studio is a steel work company in the eastern side of Johannesburg.